Clearing all sized sites with maximum efficiency and safety, Treesafe provides large machinery and experienced staff to carry out all site clearances.

With 15+ years of experience, Treesafe’s trained arborists use dedicated equipment to tackle unique sections, even undertaking creek weed removal. We take care of trees, stumps, uneven soil or leftover debris at any location from small, suburban properties to hectares of farmland.

?Our expertise makes us ready for any task, with cranes and helicopters available for the more challenging projects.


Treesafe assists with both small and extensive tree planting projects, covering land preparation, tree planting, tree transplanting, and mulch laying to extend tree life.

Treesafe’s experience and consistency puts us ahead of the game when it comes to all your tree planting needs. Our specialists, machinery and equipment, along with our safe work attitude gets planting jobs done quickly and professionally.

Our specialists plant tree species so they look visually appealing and remain healthy. We offer specialised tree species knowledge, resulting in enabling areas to suit your vision, as well as needs.?And, our tree transplanting offering can rejuvenate any area, regardless of the challenges involved.

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tree removal by trained arborist


Treesafe maintain your trees through various pruning methods, allowing them to grow healthy, and fit in with your property.

?Treesafe pride ourselves on our commitment to providing exceptional results for your tree maintenance. Our certified arborists take the stress away by ensuring your trees and hedges not only have visual appeal and remain healthy, but are safely trimmed back from electrical wiring and safety hazards.

?We?re here for you whatever the weather. If a storm reigns havoc, we will prune your damaged trees to prolong their lives.

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All tree removal, large and small, from the simple to the complicated, Treesafe have the right tools and training to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Our advanced rigging technique is known to prevent damage to property through its controlled lowering process. We also offer crane and helicopter work for any large-scale jobs.

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Treesafe is your go-to for residential mulch and bulk commercial sales and deliveries.

?Mulch is the secret to healthy plants ? it has a range of benefits, including suppressing weeds, moisture retention, soil structure improvement, damage prevention and more.

?With 15+ years? experience, Treesafe has created tried and tested mulch that is known to have lasting effects.

?If your vegetation needs an extra boost, get in touch with our specialists today 0800 873 3769 or send a message.