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Treesafe’s Land Clearing Services

With a specialist land clearing team available, Treesafe can assist with any of your land and site clearing needs. From small suburban properties to hectares of farmland, we are able to handle all jobs across the Auckland region. Whether you are dealing with trees, stumps, uneven soil or leftover debris, we are here to help.?

We Clear Sites and Land Plots for Construction in Auckland

If you have a construction site, a land plot or a section that you want to be cleared in Auckland, Treesafe have the expertise and equipment to get it done right. Working with our fleet of machinery and our team of arborists and specialists ensures a smooth experience.

With timelines and safety prioritised, we work with skill and precision to manage land clearing across all industries. Treesafe partners with property owners, councils and property developers (commercial, industrial and residential) to achieve sections that are ready for construction.

Our Land Clearing Services

Subdivision Clearing

We understand the necessary time and budget constraints that come with the preparation for subdivision developments. Earthworks and land clearing with Treesafe creates a solid foundation for residential construction to take place. Our team are fully equipped to manage the total preparation process for new subdivisions in Auckland.

Crane and Helicopter Tree Removals

As experienced and qualified arborists, we have handled a huge range of tree removal tasks over the past 15 years. Our team are ready to handle even the most challenging tree removal jobs. For heavy, awkward and hazardous tree removal we are able to implore the use of a crane or helicopter. Talk to us today if you need assistance removing any type of trees from your land.

Excavator Mounted and Tractor Mulching Units

Utilising our specialist equipment and machinery, Treesafe tackles large-scale and unique sections. We work with excavator mounted and tractor mulching units to smoothly handle your land clearing task. Our work leaves sections clear and ready for construction.

Weed Clearance

If you have a section of land that has gotten out of control with overgrown weeds, we can assist in clearing the entire thing. Our heavy duty mowing and land clearing machinery reduces effort and leaves your area looking great and ready for development.

Stream and Creek Weed Removal

Streams, creeks and other bodies of water can be especially difficult to clear. Our experts, equipped with the appropriate tools and machinery, can handle your task with ease. We are capable of removing weeds and trees from the most difficult landscapes.

How We Operate

Treesafe’s land clearing division carries out all aspects of development enablement work to prepare land for future construction or restoration. Our specialist team comprises of experienced machinery operators, arborists and staff from allied fields such as forestry and earthworks. Treesafe is experienced and proven at large scale land clearance.

Talk to us About Your Land Clearing Needs

If you are in need of professional site clearance for construction in Auckland, Treesafe is the best option out there. Our experts can handle your task from planning to finish. Talk to us today on 0800 873 3769 or by filling out the form below.