Maintain It

Auckland Tree Maintenance and Pruning

Here at Treesafe, we love our trees. An absolute essential for the dream kiwi garden and a huge part of our landscape wherever you live around the country, trees are a part of our lifestyle. Living around so many trees means that we need to care for them responsibly, which is where our experienced team of arborists come in. We prune and maintain trees to keep them a safe, attractive and functional asset to any area.?

Our Qualified Team of Arborists

Our team members work consistently on every job to maintain the highest standards of safety with every task. Treesafe prides ourselves on our commitment to achieving exceptional results for our clients in every sector we operate in. As NZ ARB certified arborists, you can rest assured that your tree maintenance task will be taken care of to your expectations. Working with Treesafe ensures a stress-free experience.

Crown Thinning

Involves the removal of selected secondary and small, live branches from throughout the crown to thin the density within the tree crown. Thinning is usually undertaken to increase light penetration or to enhance branch workings for visual amenity.?

Crown Reduction

Involves drop crotching and then pruning back the ends of secondary branches evenly, giving the tree an overall smaller canopy. A canopy can usually be 20-30% smaller in size after this process depending on tree species.

Crown Lifting

Is the removal of the lowest branches, and may include preparing lower branches for future removal. This is usually undertaken to gain under tree access or to allow light penetration.

Managed Decline

As trees with historical, visual or ecological value reach the end of their life they don’t have to be removed right away! Managing their decline can keep the asset on your property safely for decades. This usually means a heavy crown reduction. It can include specialist works such as coronet pruning and habitat creation.??

Palm Maintenace

Palms can look brilliant in the right locations if they are maintained on a regular basis. Treesafe carries the expertise and machinery to maintain palms safely and efficiently.?

Hedge Trimming

Treesafe offers a regular hedge maintenance program, no longer do you need to dig through the phone book or email inbox, we will contact you when your hedges are due for a tidy up!