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Benefits of Mulching:

Weed Suppressant ? Weed species need light to germinate, therefore adding a layer of mulch reduces light to the soil where underlying weed seeds or fine roots lay. With the weeds being suppressed the competition for nutrients is also reduced

Moisture Retention ? During the dryer months of the year, a good layer of mulch helps the soil to retain moisture. This protects your plants from drying out too quickly

Improve Soil Structure ? Organic mulch (such as tree mulch) improves the soil structure, as when it breaks down it turns into topsoil. This process also adds nutrients to the soil

Improve Nutrient Uptake ? Sterile soil hinders the growth and development of your plants. By adding mulch you are also adding fungi (Mycorrhiza) that works with the plants to help it uptake nutrients and minerals from the soil

Damage Prevention ? Mulching can prevent damage to trees and shrubs when maintaining lawns. The mulch keeps lawn mowers and trimmers away from the base of the trees and shrubs

Prevents Soil Compaction ? Aeration to plant roots is just as important as moisture. The aeration in the soil helps the roots uptake nutrients and minerals. A layer of mulch prevents the soil from compacting, therefore maintaining the soil’s permeability and aeration

Moderates Soil Temperature ? Mulch can keep the soil cooler in summer and warmer in winter. This moderates the soil temperature and can prevent stress on the plants during extreme weather events