Tree Removal

Tree and Stump Removal in Auckland

If you require a tree removed from your property, our experienced team at Treesafe are here to help. We have the experience, the tools, the knowledge and the skill to remove all trees of all shapes and sizes. Working with arborist best practices, we complete every job with our customers delighted at the results.

Our Expert Tree Felling and Removal Services

Treesafe has led the arborist industry in Auckland for over 15 years with our dedication to our craft. Taking safety seriously, as well as paying close attention to the overall look and feel of each task we take on, we have cemented our position of being the go-to arborists for Aucklanders. Whether it is the council needing a tree removed at a local park, clearing needed after a storm or a resident wanting a stump taken out, Treesafe is the best option out there.

Advanced Rigging Technique with the Good Rigging Control System

As fully trained arborists with years of experience in advanced rigging, we are able to eliminate potential damage to property whilst removing limbs or whole trees. Every piece that is lowered can be controlled until it reaches its dedicated landing zone, protecting surrounding gardens or fixtures.

Dangerous Tree Removal Service

The Treesafe team are fully capable of safely tackling all types of tree removal, including hazardous jobs. We offer crane and helicopter work to handle any tree felling job that comes our way.

Stump Grinding and Removal

Leftover tree stumps can be unsightly, inconvenient and in some cases cause problems with construction and landscaping. We are able to grind stumps down with our diverse range of stump grinders, from small residential stumps to large commercial sites.

Tree Removal for Private Residences, Businesses and Local Councils

Through our wealth of experience, our qualified and skilled staff, and our fleet of machinery, we are able to offer our services to anyone needing trees removed in the Auckland area. Whether you are a homeowner, a business owner or a local council, our team have a suitable solution.

Why Choose Treesafe for Your Auckland Tree Removal?

Treesafe are Auckland’s Leading Arborists

We take our reputation seriously. We work hard on each and every tree removal job to make sure our customers get the results they expect, in a realistic time frame.

Fully Qualified

Equipped with full qualifications, our trained arborists are prepared to remove all trees in any kind of situation, without a hitch.

Experience on our Side

Treesafe have been in operation for 15+ years and we are not going anywhere! We have made our mark through traditional hard work, providing a great service every time we are out in the field. Working with us assures a smooth experience.

Fully Insured

Everyone on the Treesafe team is fully insured for the worst case scenario. Our clients have peace of mind that they will be protected at all times.

We Prioritise Safety

Tree removal has risks. Working at hazardous heights, dealing with heavy machinery and navigating tricky terrain means we need to prioritise safety. We take all appropriate steps to protect you, our workers and your property at all times.

We are Reliable and Efficient

We understand that some jobs are time sensitive, which is why our team do what we can to minimise wait times and maximise productivity. Our customers know they can rely on us.

The Biggest Jobs Made Simple

Most tree removal jobs are not a walk in the park, but, through our skilled efforts, we are able to keep even the most complex processes straightforward for you. Utilising our capable resources, Treesafe will take the stress out of your task, delivering only the highest standards of arborist work.

Get in Touch with Treesafe

Call us today to discuss any of your tree or stump removal concerns. We are able to talk you through the process, discuss your unique needs and develop a plan that satisfies what you need to be done. You can reach us on 0800 873 3769 or by filling out the form below.