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Auckland Tree Maintenance and Pruning

Here at Treesafe, we love our trees. An absolute essential for the dream Kiwi garden and a huge part of our landscape wherever you live around the country, trees are a part of our lifestyle. Living around so many trees means that we need to care for them responsibly, which is where our experienced team of arborists come in. We prune and maintain trees to keep them a safe, attractive and functional addition to any area.

Our Qualified Team of Arborists

Our team members work consistently on every job to maintain the highest standards of safety with every task. Treesafe prides ourselves on our commitment to achieving exceptional results for our clients in every sector we operate in. As certified arborists, you can rest assured that your tree maintenance task will be taken care of to your expectations. Working with Treesafe ensures a stress-free experience.

Choose Treesafe when you need tree maintenance and pruning in Auckland.

How We Work

Treesafe understands the importance of proper tree maintenance. We make it our mission to leave every job with our customer’s having peace of mind that their trees are safe. This means we take special attention in situations where trees may come into contact with electrical wiring, where they may obstruct walkways and roads or where they may block views and pose a fall hazard.

With our expertise and experience as certified arboricultural contractors, the work we do is consistent, trusted and valued throughout the Auckland area. Relying on Treesafe for your tree maintenance and pruning assures the highest standards of professional services.

Whether you are a commercial developer, a local authority or a private resident, choosing Treesafe guarantees industry leading tree services. We will work efficiently and carefully to provide an outstanding experience with as little mess as possible.

The Benefits of Tree Maintenance with Treesafe

  • Your trees will be safe and council compliant
  • Expert pruning will maintain the health and well-being of trees
  • The risk of storm damage and falling branches will be decreased
  • The look and feel of your trees will be improved – aesthetics are always prioritised by our team
  • Your property, home and garden will have better sunlight
  • Tree pruning will encourage new growth while removing dead or damaged branches.
  • Your tree’s life will be extended
  • You will have a better view

What We Offer

Formative Pruning

This should be carried out on young to semi-mature trees to encourage good branch structure and limb formation. It should be avoided on mature specimens. Formative pruning typically entails the removal of dead, diseased, crossing or rubbing branches.

Crown Lifting

Pruning that selectively removes or reduces lower lateral branches to improve clearance beneath the tree. It is good arboricultural practice to ensure no more than the lower third of the canopy is removed.

Crown Cleaning / Dead Wooding

Used when maintaining a specimen tree and to improve the overall aesthetics of the tree. This involves removal of dead, diseased, broken or damaged limbs.


The selective removal of small live branches within the crown to reduce the density. Over-thinning can have a detrimental effect on the tree and the removal of the entire internal crown (leaving a ‘lion’s tail’) should be avoided.

Hedge and Tree Trimming

Treesafe takes pride in maintaining hedges and shaping trees to tidy their appearance and create space in small gardens.

Crown Renewal

This involves pruning trees that have been damaged (by storms, previous crude pruning works, poorly structured, etc) to reduce hazards and to prolong their safe useful life expectancy. Similar to formative pruning but with more focus on the reaction growth that occurs after damage.

Crown Reduction

A reduction in height of trees by ‘Drop Crotching’. Should be carried out with caution and by an experienced arborist. This form of pruning selectively ‘target’ prunes branches, keeping the natural shapeliness of the tree. Not all species can successfully be reduced without affecting the shapeliness.


A specialist pruning technique that should only be carried out to trees that have historically been pollarded from an early age. Pollarding is to be avoided on mature trees. Pollarding entails the establishment of branches from a knuckle at the end of a stem. All resulting new growth is removed (every 1 to 5 years) back to this knuckle.

Young Tree Pruning

Time spent on young trees can reduce future maintenance once mature. Young tree pruning is formative pruning with the addition of removing included stems and leaving lower branches to improve trunk taper.

What Our Customers Say About Us

“These guys are amazing, great service by Jess and the team at Tree Safe. No job to big or to small. I would highly recommend them. Thanks so much guys”

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